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US Team Committee News

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Team Committee
Elections have concluded, and Dianne Black-Nixon has been elected to serve on the U.S. Team Committee. Thank you, Dianne for your willingness to serve.
Team Selection Update
20M two seater selection has been determined for selecting a pilot for the 2014 WGC in Finland. A pilot must fly a two seat glider of 20m span or less in the 2013 Sports, Club or Open class nationals. Pilot and co-pilot are required, but the co-pilot can change each day. Only the PIC will be selected. Best percent of winners score in any of the three nationals will be the selected pilot. 80% of the winners score will be the minimum threshold. Note that Sports and Club classes are handicapped, while Open class is not. This year will start the typical 3 year selection window for the 2016 team as well. Questions: Contact Richard Walters at Acme3R@gmail.com

Posted: 4/15/2013

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