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US Team Funding

Costs of Worlds Contests

The typical logistics of sending U.S. Soaring Teams to distant World Gliding Championships (WGC) are daunting and costly. While team members are all volunteers the main expenses of food, shelter, airfare, transportation, glider rental or shipping and entry fees are high. As most championships are held in Europe, the complex and expensive logistical challenge faced by U.S. Soaring Teams stands in stark contrast with many European competitors.  

Team Funding Sources

The US Team is funded from a variety of sources . These include Trusts set up and managed by the SSA Foundation (the major source of team funding), donations and contributions and fund-raising events including merchandise sales, raffles etc. Teams are financially supported according to the guidelines set up by the  US team committee . The major team trusts are the Robertson and the Woods Trusts.

Annual team funding budget is determined by the sum of...

Trusts:  Robertson Trust Details  & Wood Trust Details
Donations and Contributions: From members like you!
Fund-raising events: Wine and Cheese parties, Camps, Spirit Wear


The funding is allocated according to the following general guidelines – (these can be modified according to class status and changes at the IGC level and pilot poll feedback)

A ‘defined benefit’ is calculated (equally for all team pilots ) after Junior team and Team Manager expenses  (full support) are established.  Pilots are compensated up to the per-pilot defined benefit limit against good faith expense reports (with receipts) on their return from the competition.  The Junior team members are supported 100% against receipt based expense reports as are Team Captains.

Team funds almost never fully support our pilots - most pilots end up self funding between $5-10,000 per event.

Prior to the WGC, pilots are expected to work with the US team committee to assist in fund raising activities for the overall US team overall – of course self -funding and individual fund raising (outside the US team funding umbrella) is encouraged as this can work to reduce the pool of pilots that need support from the defined benefit pool.

Team Captains and the Junior Team

Team captains/managers are recruited by the US team committee and these are funded 100% as this is a crucial purely voluntary role for each team.  A good team captain works hard for up to 6 pilots and manages the not inconsiderable administrative and organizational burden of a WGC so that team pilots can focus on flying and not be distracted by the myriad of organizational details. Pilots are responsible for their own travel, rental, shipping and accommodation logistics, but once at the WGC they need to be free to focus on their team and flying.

Junior team members are selected according to team selection guidelines and are funded 100% through the Team Funding sources including the Mozer Trust which is set up specifically to support the US Junior Champion at Junior World Gliding Championships.  Should we grow the Mozer Trust through continuing contributions, the SSA Board is empowered to expand support to include additional team members.

Contributions To U.S. Soaring Teams

There are three basic ways to participate. Consider helping to fund US World Champions with your contribution to the US Soaring Team. Your donation is tax deductible and will go a long way toward insuring the future success of the US Soaring Team.

Photo #13452 | US Team icon 1

Make a donation to the GENERAL TEAM FUND which is then administered among the team according to policy as set each year by the team committee. This is the preferred method of donation.

Photo #13453 | US Team icon 2

Make a donation to the US Women's Team or to the US Junior Team.  We are catching up on support for participation in these events.

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Make a donation to one of the two U.S. Team Trusts (Robertson and/or Wood). In this case the income from your donation is used to field U.S. Soaring Team participation in FAI World Gliding Championships and the principal remains intact.
Contact for team contributions:

U.S. Soaring Team Contribution
Soaring Society of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 2100
Hobbs, New Mexico 88241-2100
Phone: (575) 392-1177

Posted: 1/25/2018

US Team 

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