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  • Atmospheric Science (ISBN 012732951X)
    Wallace, John M. and Hobbs, Peter V.

  • Aviation Weather - For Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel (FAA - AC00-6A)

  • Aviation Weather Services (FAA - AC00-45E)

  • Dynamic Meteorology-A Basic Course (ISBN 0340705922)
    Gordon, Adrian, et al

  • Meteorology and Flight (ISBN 0713668318)
    Bradbury, Tom

  • Meteorology For Glider Pilots (ISBN 0719533031)
    Wallington, C. E.
    Recently got it out again and found it intriguing.

  • Meteorology-The Atmosphere and the Science of Weather (ISBN 0132667010)
    Moran, Joseph, et al
    Excellent introduction to storm weather

  • Meteorology Today (ISBN 0495110051)
    A good general text

  • Mountain Meteorology (ISBN 0195132718)
    Whiteman, C. David

  • Soaring Meteorology for Forecasters (ISBN B00072EPX4)
    Lindsay, Charles V., et al

  • Teach Yourself Weather (ISBN 0844237272)
    Hardy, Ralph
    A very short paperback book useful mainly to someone with absolutely no background knowledge of weather.

  • Thermals
    Hertenstein, Rolf

  • Understanding Flying Weather (ISBN 0713643463)
    Piggott, Derek

  • Understanding The Sky (ISBN 0936310103)
    Pagen, Dennis
    An interesting and articulate discussion of wind, lift patterns and types. Excellent diagrams of thermal formation and behavior.

  • Weather Systems (ISBN 0521278740)
    Musk, Leslie

Note: Comments from the Soaring Weather Task Force in italics.

Posted: 4/30/2007