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Weather Presentation Walt Rogers SSA 2016

Here's my weather presentation, video demos and some embedded videos within the presentation:

Practical Use of  Meteorological Models and Visualization Tools for Soaring Forecasts

There are two video demos each for the ESRL NOAA Interactive Skew-T, BUFKIT and RAOB.com. The other videos are a sample video of the GOES visible imagery near Las Vegas that shows what 1minute update data looks like. The other videos are output from the IDV program... samples of radar NEXRAD data from Nephi 2014, Convergence lines from the Tehachapi Mojave Desert area HRRR model and a PBL (THERMAL height) graphic from the HRRR.

The ESRL NOAA Interactieve Skew-T html5 version was updated by it's developer, Bill Moninger to include new features... parcel analysis with custom T, and Td... 20 instead of 16 panels for soundings and a few other things. It became the production version on Feb 24, 2016. Use of the program changed very little compared to the demo video I've provided below.  Read the announcement... and the Change Details  especially for how to use the custom parcel calculation feature.

Video Demos:

Skew-T_RAOB_Demo  Skew-T_RAP_Demo

BUFKIT_Profile_Demo  BUFKIT_Overview_Demo

RAOB_SoundingScreenForSoaring_Demo  Raob_TimeSeriesGraphicScriptedRecording_Demo

GOES Satellite 1km Visible one minute update cycle

Nephi 2014 Contest Radar Video

HRRR Model Convergence Zone 80m winds video

HRRR Model PBL Height 80m winds video

Posted: 2/17/2016