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New Members Join the Weather Task Force

I am pleased to announce the addition of Scott Fletcher, Ward Hindman and Walter Rogers to the Weather Resources Task Force. The group is once more carrying some weight and is again able to fulfill and add to its original mandate, "...to introduce and promote broader awareness of some of the newer weather resources".

Scott Fletcher has been the prime mover in recruiting new members to the Weather Resources Task Force. Scott saw the opportunity to get a group of the most knowledgeable soaring weathermen together in a meeting at the recent SSA convention in Little Rock, Arkansas to discuss issues and developments in soaring weather.

Scott is an enthusiastic amateur forecaster, whose skills are recognized as a valuable cross country and contest resource to soaring pilots in the south east where he lives. Ward Hindman and Walter Rogers are well known and respected weather professionals, who many of you will know and will have been impressed by their expert knowledge and their abilities to compile accurate soaring forecasts.

At the Little Rock convention both Ward and Walter gave presentations on the development of forecasting resources that will be available in the future. With the possibility of losing the popular Dr. Jack weather resource many will be wondering where will I get my soaring forecast and is it going to be easy to interpret. If you didn't make it to the convention the presentations are available for viewing and download here.

Andy Gough

Posted: 2/7/2010