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Skysight SSA 2018 Presentation

Matthew Scutter presented on his soaring forecast service at SSA Reno 2018



Skysight SSA Reno Presentation 2018


Walt Rogers WX

Posted: 3/9/2018

TopMeteo SSA 2018 Presentation

Here's a short presentation delivered by Bernd Fischer of TopMeteo at SSA Reno 2018. It was about 10 or 15 minutes.



Walt Rogers WX

Posted: 3/6/2018

Weather Presentation Walt Rogers SSA 2018 -UPDATE Mar 6

Here's my weather presentation at the SSA 2018 Convention March 1st:

Soaring Forecasting Models and Websites

UPDATE - My final two slides on Cockpit Weather implied that U.S. contest rules did NOT allow weather in the cockpit. I stand corrected. Since 2017 and under current rules, weather data can be used in the cockpit for competitions.

There are 49 slides. Tagged onto the end are five slides from Skysight where Matthew Scutter spoke at the end of my talk on "late breaking" features: 1) Central U.S. to be covered within the next week 2) SeeYou integration 3) Integration on the LXNAV LX9000 series flight computer.

At the end of the pdf for my presentation you can see more details with speaker notes.

There is one embedded video of mp4 showing a GOES-16 high resolution 0.5km visible imagery 5min animation over central Florida. John Mittel's igc flight track time matched with "snail trail" tracks on the imagery. IDV allows overlaying shapefiles and point plots. Here I've plotted the Seminole turnpoint/landout database (turnpoint numbers), FAA airspace and county lines:


URL Links and References:



3-5-2018 - Added some more links on RadarScope, MRMS, and references to TopMeteo, Skysight and RASP

Soaring Magazine Feb 2017 Article Models and Websites Overview

Walter Rogers "WX"




Posted: 2/28/2018

ESRL NOAA Interactive Skew-T - Newer Version

A new production version of the ESRL NOAA Interactive Skew-T was posted today February 24, 2016. Bill Moninger, the developer, added some useful features, cleaned up other details and generally improved things. Functionality of the app is not significantly changed from the previous version.

Read the announcement here... and the Change Details here...


Walte Rogers "WX"


Posted: 2/25/2016

Weather Presentation Walt Rogers SSA 2016

Here's my weather presentation, video demos and some embedded videos within the presentation:

Practical Use of  Meteorological Models and Visualization Tools for Soaring Forecasts

There are two video demos each for the ESRL NOAA Interactive Skew-T, BUFKIT and RAOB.com. The other videos are a sample video of the GOES visible imagery near Las Vegas that shows what 1minute update data looks like. The other videos are output from the IDV program... samples of radar NEXRAD data from Nephi 2014, Convergence lines from the Tehachapi Mojave Desert area HRRR model and a PBL (THERMAL height) graphic from the HRRR.

The ESRL NOAA Interactieve Skew-T html5 version was updated by it's developer, Bill Moninger to include new features... parcel analysis with custom T, and Td... 20 instead of 16 panels for soundings and a few other things. It became the production version on Feb 24, 2016. Use of the program changed very little compared to the demo video I've provided below.  Read the announcement... and the Change Details  especially for how to use the custom parcel calculation feature.

Video Demos:

Skew-T_RAOB_Demo  Skew-T_RAP_Demo

BUFKIT_Profile_Demo  BUFKIT_Overview_Demo

RAOB_SoundingScreenForSoaring_Demo  Raob_TimeSeriesGraphicScriptedRecording_Demo

GOES Satellite 1km Visible one minute update cycle

Nephi 2014 Contest Radar Video

HRRR Model Convergence Zone 80m winds video

HRRR Model PBL Height 80m winds video

Posted: 2/17/2016

RAOB Program

The RAOB program developed by Jim Bobo and Harry Senn that was referenced in the Contest Westher Forecasting article by Ray Galloway (May issue of Soaring) is available for download by clicking here.

Posted: 5/5/2010

New Members Join the Weather Task Force

I am pleased to announce the addition of Scott Fletcher, Ward Hindman and Walter Rogers to the Weather Resources Task Force. The group is once more carrying some weight and is again able to fulfill and add to its original mandate, "...to introduce and promote broader awareness of some of the newer weather resources".

Scott Fletcher has been the prime mover in recruiting new members to the Weather Resources Task Force. Scott saw the opportunity to get a group of the most knowledgeable soaring weathermen together in a meeting at the recent SSA convention in Little Rock, Arkansas to discuss issues and developments in soaring weather.

Scott is an enthusiastic amateur forecaster, whose skills are recognized as a valuable cross country and contest resource to soaring pilots in the south east where he lives. Ward Hindman and Walter Rogers are well known and respected weather professionals, who many of you will know and will have been impressed by their expert knowledge and their abilities to compile accurate soaring forecasts.

At the Little Rock convention both Ward and Walter gave presentations on the development of forecasting resources that will be available in the future. With the possibility of losing the popular Dr. Jack weather resource many will be wondering where will I get my soaring forecast and is it going to be easy to interpret. If you didn't make it to the convention the presentations are available for viewing and download here.

Andy Gough

Posted: 2/7/2010

SSA 2010 Convention Weather Presentations

Ward Hindman Presentation Powerpoint
Click here for Free PowerPoint Reader
Ward Hindman Presentation Text

Next two presentations are large files (10&13mb) ,highspeed connection recommended.

Walter Rogers Main Presentation

Walter Rogers Related Source Presentation

Posted: 2/7/2010