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Setting Up InReach

The Sailplane Tracking Committee has uploaded instructions for linking your InReach tracking device to the SSA Sailplane Tracking Map.  Many thanks to David Kinsell for creating this document.



Using InReach devices with the SSA Sailplane Locator


Setting up an InReach tracking device for use with the SSA Sailplane Locator is easy.  As with SPOT devices, you create a shared map, and enter the URL of the map into the appropriate place on your SSA  profile page.  This tutorial assumes you have your InReach already activated with Delorme.  If not, go to www.delorme.com and follow the instructions provided.


Create a Shared Map


Go to www.delorme.com, click on InReach Account on the upper right of the page.  That will bring up the home page for your account, similar to this: 


  Photo #13494 | Inreach1a

Notice the Setup Checklist in the middle of the page.  Click on Activate MapShare to take you here:


 Photo #13499 | InReach2

You'll be able to toggle the shared map on and off with the MapShare On/MapShare Off.  Make sure it's turned on, and make a note of the URL directly below the button.


Also on this page is an Options button.  Clicking on that gives you the opportunity to change the date for the Hide Older MapShare Data.


 Photo #13500 | InReach3

 By default, InReach shows all data ever recorded in your account on the shared map.  This is of course different than what you get with SPOT, which lets you configure a short window in time for displaying data.


There are two ways of handling the issue of InReach obscuring current data with old data.  Before flying each day, you can log into your account and change the Hide Older MapShare Data date to the current time, which hides the unwanted data.  Alternately, on the shared map that is displayed, it is possible to set Map Filters.  The user might select Currently Tracking or Last 24 Hours.  Unfortunately, this is not a persistent setting, so the user has to set this each time the page is opened.



Setting the URL in your SSA Profile


The URL of your shared page needs to be put into your SSA Profile just as is done with SPOT devices.  Go to www.ssa.org, log in as needed.  Click on the My Profile button on upper right of page.  Scroll down until you see the Sailplane Information section:

Photo #13501 | InReach4 jpg


Select InReach as the location tracking device, and enter the URL of the shared map page that you previously created.  You can select whether the information is publicly visible, or just to members with logins.  Make sure to hit the Update button before leaving.


All that's left is to wait a few minutes and then test it out.  From the Member Resources tab, select Sailplane Locator and find your ship.  If you've done any tracking previously, the data should show up on a map when you hit Locator URL.  This would be a good time to brief ground crew on setting the Map Filters to make for the most legible display.


Posted: 6/29/2016