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SSA Promotes Soaring Safety with Sailplane Tracker List

It’s late in the day, and one of your sailplane pilots has not returned – what to do? If he or she is one of the growing numbers of pilots equipped with a SPOT™ or InReach satellite tracking device, and has updated his or her SSA profile with the information, then you may be able to quickly access the latest tracking information on the pilot through the SSA’s new Sailplane Tracker List.

In recognition of its leading role in promoting soaring safety, the SSA has created the SSA Sailplane Tracker List. The repository is a list of internet links to satellite tracker data, such as SPOT™,s ‘Shared Tracking’ page or other web-based tracking devices. Simply click on the ‘Locator URL’ link for a listed member, and the most recent tracking data is shown superimposed on a map.

Click on the 911 SAILPLANE TRACKER icon on the SSA home page under Member Resources to go directly to the Sailplane Tracker List. For additional information or feedback please contact a member of the sailplane tracking team here.

Posted: 10/7/2009