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once you get the hang of it, your friends and family will appreciate knowing your location. So, here's a quick tutorial to start you off. Please read the August 2014 issue of Soaring magazine for more details on this system. 

Point your web browser to http://glideport.aero.

On desktop and laptop computers (Windows, Mac or Linux) you need a modern web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  GlidePort also works well on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. there is a short introductory video on the home page. 


To see flight tracks go to the “Map” page and navigate to a gliderport. To set time of day, click on the timeline, or click and drag to animate the day’s progression., To go to a different day, click the previous/next day or the calendar button in the timeline on the bottom. 


More functions are available when you register as a user. If you are flying with a SPOT or inReach satellite tracker, enter your tracker’s URL in the “Settings>Tracking” page and click “Save.” Your tracks will then be displayed in near-real-time. But that’s so last year. Better yet, if you have an iPhone download the GlideTrack app or with a Droid phone download "IGC Droid" and configure them by entering your email (i.e. your GlidePort user name). Then, next time you fly run GlideTrack or IGC Droid and tap the “START” button. The spectators will then be able to fly along with you and watch your flight in hi-def.


Even if you do not fly with a tracker, you will find GlidePort extremely useful as your flight analysis and visualization tool. You get a great insight into what was happening during the flight, and you can see why certain decisions were made. Reviewing flights of top pilots is an excellent way to learn what they do and how they do it. 


to upload your IGC flight track, once you are logged in, click the “Upload” button, drag-and-drop your IGC file, enter flight description if desired and click “Save.” You can then re-live your flight in GlidePort.


When you see a noteworthy flight, click the button next to the track. In the window that appears, enter a comment and/or click thumbs-up to give praise. You can also click thumbs-down when appropriate, e.g., if the pilots busts airspace, flies after sunset…Hopefully that will discourage unsafe behavior and further increase safety of our sport.




Posted: 8/21/2014

Sailplane Tracker receives major update for 2014.

Photo #10827 | radar imagePedja Bogdanovich and GlidePort Aero have updated our Sailplane Tracker for 2014.  The big news is the move towards a full featured flight analysis capability.  Supporting this functionality occurs through the addition of altitude data.  Altitude input is achieved with the use of a free smart phone app.  For download of the app to your iPhone please search 'GlideTrack' within the Apple App Store.  As an added bonus you can now upload IGC files to the Sailplane Tracker for analysis and playback.  For a demonstration of capabilities and features please watch the following video

Posted: 6/27/2014

SSA Promotes Soaring Safety with Sailplane Tracker List

It’s late in the day, and one of your sailplane pilots has not returned – what to do? If he or she is one of the growing numbers of pilots equipped with a SPOT™ or InReach satellite tracking device, and has updated his or her SSA profile with the information, then you may be able to quickly access the latest tracking information on the pilot through the SSA’s new Sailplane Tracker List.

In recognition of its leading role in promoting soaring safety, the SSA has created the SSA Sailplane Tracker List. The repository is a list of internet links to satellite tracker data, such as SPOT™,s ‘Shared Tracking’ page or other web-based tracking devices. Simply click on the ‘Locator URL’ link for a listed member, and the most recent tracking data is shown superimposed on a map.

Click on the 911 SAILPLANE TRACKER icon on the SSA home page under Member Resources to go directly to the Sailplane Tracker List. For additional information or feedback please contact a member of the sailplane tracking team here.

Posted: 10/7/2009