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03/21/06 SSA Foundation Trustees Approve 2006 Team Support
As per the terms of the Robertson and Woods Trusts, which were set up by their donors to support US Team competition overseas, the SSA Foundation Trustees recently authorized $56,996.88 in funding based on investment results for the past three years. Currently the US Team Committee anticipates spending no more than two thirds of that figure on 2006 competitions in Sweden and Vinon and will leave the remainder in the Trusts. As previously noted, the Trustees and the Committee came to agreement via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines the procedure for determining annual support for the Teams based on annual investment results. Under this process, monies designated as Available to the Committee can remain in the Trust and accumulate, while monies designated as Restricted can not be withdrawn.
This memo simply restates long held practices
already established around the general guideline of making available from the applicable Trust funds about 5% per year for operations, intending that this would preserve the corpus of the funds, and hopefully provide income and capital gain flowing back into the funds for further growth. This long held strategy has been successful in balancing team support with long term growth. See the Robertson Trust Performance page for more...
02/05/06 Robertson Trust Performance Turnaround
As a result of contributions and thanks to an improving investment environment the Robertson and Woods trusts have shown better performance results over the past several years.

See the Robertson Trust Performance page for more...

01/01/06 Memo of Understanding
In 2006 the U.S. Team Committee and the SSA Trustees have established a memo of understanding with regard to the amount and timing of payments to the team from the Robertson Trust. This memo simply restates long held practices. See the memo here.
09/01/03 Roberson Trust Continues Success
As of August, 2003 contributors added $19,509 to the Trust, the second highest yearly contribution level ever! Good things are starting to happen with the organization of U.S. soaring teams in the form of the U.S. Team Committee and this continuing financial support is critical to fielding competitive teams in the future. See the U.S. Team web site here and the U.S. Team Committee page here...
03/04/03 The Robertson Plaque Hangs at SSA
Diamond and Gold contributors are honored on the Robertson Trust Plaque which is now hanging in the SSA offices. From all the U.S. Soaring Teams - Thank you for your support! See the contribution levels here...
02/17/03 New Robertson Contributions
The Robertson Trust has collected an additional $8,659 in contributions bringing the total for the Funding The Future campaign to over $110,000! Congratulations to the contributors for making competitive soaring and our soaring teams a priority. See the contributors page here.
01/23/03 SSA Foundation Supports Teams
SSA Foundation Trustees authorize and disperse to the 2003 U.S. Soaring Teams, $24,000 in funding from the Robertson and Woods Trusts. The total for the 2002/2003 period was $29,000 with $5,000 going to the 2002 Club Class effort. This brings the total support provided by the Robertson and Woods Trusts to United States Soaring Teams to over $195,000 since their founding.   
01/14/03 Funding the Future 2003 Wraps Up
The 2002 Robertson Funding The Future campaign has successfully concluded with over $101,000 in contributions. The success of the 2002 campaign is a great first step on the road to adequately funding U.S. soaring teams. United States Soaring Teams still need your long term financial support.
01/13/03 Campaign Manager John Seaborn Steps Down
As the year long program draws to a close campaign manger has provided SSA Foundation Trustees and the members of the SSA Executive Committee a final report on the Robertson Trust's 2002 Funding the Future Campaign.
10/25/02 Trustees Issue Foundation Report
The Robertson Trust is a part of the SSA Foundation. The Foundation Trustees have issued a detailed report and open letter regarding the Foundation. See the full report of the Foundation and investment practices in Adobe PDF format here.
10/02/02 Robertson Trust Benefits From Wedding
When Clyde and Carolyn Taylor decided to be married they picked out several worthy causes to which well wishers could contribute instead of gifts. The Robertson Trust made the list and has been receiving contributions honoring the wedding of Clyde & Carolyn. Congratulations to the Taylors!
8/12/02 Robertson Trust - Funding The Future Campaign in the final stretch. Ends December 31, 2002
As the year slides toward fall the Robertson Trust's Funding the Future campaign moves into high gear and we need your help. Any amount of support is appreciated. There are many ways to contribute so see the contribution page.
7/30/02 Robertson Helps Club Class
In keeping with the Trust's charter and in manner constant with the trustees established policy, $5,000 was distributed from the Robertson Trust to help offset costs of participating in the club class World Soaring Championships in Musbach Germany.
7/28/02 Tonopah 15-Meter Nationals a Fundraising Success
The Roberson Trust collected over $1,500 in contributions at the recent 15-Meter nationals in Tonopah. Go Team!
3/28/02 As part of the spring season the Robertson Trust's Funding the Future campaign has sent over five hundred letters, along with a Robertson Trust flyer and contribution form to U.S. competition pilots. This effort is designed to build the Robertson Trust and restore balance to U.S. Team Funding. See why this is important. If you would like to see what was sent click here for the pdf file (335kb). Yes that is an actual picture of what a 500+ mailing looks like in my office...
2/11/02 The recent SSA convention was a good one for the Robertson Trust. Funding The Future campaign manager John Seaborn gave two talks regarding the Robertson Trust. Most importantly the SSA Board approved the formation of the US Team Policy Task Force. The goal of this task force is to take a ground up look at US teams with the objective of making them more transparent, accountable, competitive and sustainable. This is a very positive new direction for the teams. See more on the US Team Task Force.
1/24/02 In it's first month the Robertson Trust's Funding The Future campaign has raised over $108,000 largely through the determined work of newly elected Region 2 Director, and long time glider pilot, Dianne Black Nixon. The Robertson Trust is off to a winning start. This early success is due largely to a generous contribution by Haydeť Pinero Buck and Peter Buck. It has been a great start to insuring our United States Soaring Teams have the opportunity to compete and win long into the future. Your contributions are needed to help build the trust and restore balance to funding our soaring teams.
1/1/02 The official kick off date for the Funding the Future campaign. Together our contributions to the Robertson Trust can restore the balance between direct and perpetual used to fund our U.S. Soaring Teams and insure our pilots have the opportunity to participate and win internationally.
12/29/01 Through the SSA and web expert, Mike Culver, the Robertson Trust can now accept contributions online. This new feature is an easy three step process that makes a contribution using a Visa or Mastercard a snap. Click the image at right to start.
12/18/01 With contest day 1 see how the Robertson Trust funds are helping our team in South Africa with the Day Reports on the SSA US Team web.
12/01/01 Robertson Trust sponsors the US Team Archive on the SSA US Soaring Team Web site. Included are historical articles, photos and pilot listings from 1950. See the US Team site under Team Archive.
10/31/01 The Robertson Plaque Announced - Contributors to be honored with perpetual plaque in SSA office... Contributors to the Robertson Trust, if they desire, will have their contribution acknowledged with their name engraved on a hansom Robertson Trust Plaque displayed in the Soaring Society of America office. More
09/27/01 Robertson Trust Web Site final draft completed. 
09/26/01 New SSA Foundation information on Robertson Trust Web. 
09/25/01 SSA Foundation Supports Teams
SSA Foundation Trustees authorize and disperse to the SSA $29,900 for use in funding U.S. Soaring Teams. The total was split, $19,100 from the Robertson Trust and $10,800 from the Woods Fund. This brings the total support provided by the Robertson Trust to United States Soaring Teams to over $166,000 since it's founding in 1988. 
09/10/01 John Seaborn elected SSA Foundation Trustee. 
09/08/01 Robertson Trust Report given to SSA Trustees and Directors at the Denver SSA management meeting. 
06/30/01  Robertson Trust has new e-mail address:
06/19/01 SSA Executive Committee appoints John Seaborn as Robertson Trust Campaign Manager for a twelve month period starting January 2002. 
06/06/01 Second draft of Robertson Trust Web site completed. 
06/01/01 Contributions to Robertson Trust reach $1,200 from the participants of the Standard Class Nationals at Mifflin. 

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