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Building the Robertson Trust Now is Critical

More FAI Classes
In competitive soaring much has changed since 1950 when Paul MacCready represented the United States at the World Championships in Sweden. Then it was simple - one pilot, one sailplane, one class and one winner. Over the years new FAI classes have been added until today there are eight classes. The chart at right shows the dramatic expansion of world championships.

More FAI classes is part of a global strategy to build participation in our sport. More classes means more opportunity to participate in soaring and competitive soaring especially. The dream of becoming a World Champion is now available to a broad spectrum of soaring pilots including World, Club and Junior class pilots. 

Unfortunately, sending more United States Soaring Teams to newly sanctioned World Soaring Championships requires a bigger team budget.


Robertson Trust Contribution Levels

Diamond $10,000 and up  (Robertson Plaque)
Gold $5,000 to $9,999 (Robertson Plaque)
Silver $500 to $4,999
Bronze $51 to $499
Supporter $50

Robertson Trust PlaqueThe Robertson Plaque - Diamond and Gold contributors, if they desire, will have their contribution acknowledged with their name engraved on a hansom Robertson Trust Plaque to be displayed in the Soaring Society of America office. To see the plaque design, click the image to the right. The full amount of a contribution to the Robertson Trust is tax deductible. Every contributor will receive IRS documentation for tax time and a Trust report.

Contribute From an Estate - Several long time supporters have pledged contributions through their estates as a way to contribute to the Robertson Trust to fund future United States Soaring Teams. With a simple line in your will you could provide for a contribution to the trust. The Robertson Trust Campaign manager can help you establish this simple and effective way to contribute.

Now is the time...

Not all competition happens in the air. Often, it is what happens on the ground months or even years before the competition that makes the difference. And it all starts with adequate team funding. If our soaring teams are going to compete and win internationally they need our support. While most of us can't be in the cockpit we can still do our part to make sure our pilots have the opportunity to compete.

Please contribute to the Robertson Trust.

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