Charter - Robert Robertson Memorial Team Fund

The Robertson Trust Charter as agreed between Robbie's father, Donald Robertson, and the Soaring Society of America is really very simple. The following is the full and complete text of the Charter of the Robert Robertson Memorial Team Fund. 

Founding Robertson Trust Document...

The undersigned on behalf of Donald Robertson, hereby creates a trust under the provisions of Art XI of the bylaws of the Soaring Society of America as now exist or may hereafter be amended.

1. The trust shall be known as the ROBERT ROBERTSON MEMORIAL TEAM FUND.

2. The initial principal sum is $140,000.00

3. The purpose of this contribution is to provide income under the administration of the SSA Trustees for the use of the U.S. World Soaring Team in world competition in honor and memory of Robert L. Robertson. 

4. The principal may not be invaded. Only the income may be used for the purposes of the trust and for permitted administrative expenses and reinvestment.

5. The power of investment shall include the powers provided under the SSA bylaws and may include lending of funds on short term on adequate security to provide needed interim financing for team member participation in the then next World Soaring Championships.

6. In the event of permanent cessation of World Soaring Championships, the trustees shall dispose of the trust assets for the benefit of soaring and in furtherance of the charter purposes of the SSA. In no event shall the trust assets be distributed among the members of the SSA, the Trustees, or to the donor.

Granted this day of 1988

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