Administration Of The Robertson Trust 

With the establishment of the Robertson Trust in 1988, by Robbie's father, Donald Robertson, the initial $140,000 contribution was invested by the Trustees of the Soaring Society of America. The Trustees determined, in consultation with Team Managers and SSA staff, how much money to allocate every two years to help offset the cost of fielding US Soaring Teams. The general guideline was to preserve the corpus of the Trust Fund, and allocate the "earnings" to Team funding requirements as per the endowment's charter.

In 1997, the Soaring Society of America established the Soaring Society of America Foundation as a unique entity with its own operating by-laws and officers, specifically to facilitate the management of endowment and trust  type funds. The Robertson Trust, as part of the SSA Foundation, provides contributors with an independent foundation managed by trustees providing for long-term security and stability while bringing the internal discipline necessary to preserve and manage long term endowments. This means that contributions to the Robertson Trust will be working to field US World Soaring Teams for generations to come. 

The Trustees have established the general guideline of making available from the applicable Trust funds about 5% per year for operations, intending that this would preserve the corpus of the funds, and hopefully provide some of the income and capital gain flowing back into the funds for further growth. This would be applicable to the Robertson Fund as one of the Trust Funds. The Wood Trust Fund has also been established for US Soaring Teams use, and the above is applicable to it, as well.

In 2006 the U.S. Team Committee and the SSA Trustees have established a memo of understanding with regard to the amount and timing of payments to the team from the Robertson Trust. This memo simply restates long held practices and cleans up how funds are transferred to the team. See the memo here.


See more on the SSA Foundation and Trustees... See what the SSA has to say about the the purpose and history of the Robertson Trust. See the full contributors report in PDF format here.

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