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Opportunities for Media Coverage

Spring is a great time to shine the spotlight on soaring in your area. People are looking for out-door activities. Unless you make an effort, they are unlikely to think about an outing to the gliderport. Yet, with a little work, you can attract crowds and introduce soaring to people of all ages.

The media needs human interest stories. Soaring-related stories are perfect - local people doing extraordinary things. The added bonus - sailplanes are very photogenic. In addition to the newspaper, consider contacting the free publications in your area. They are hungry for something unique to grab their readers. These publications don't have many writers, so the editor may be specially interested in a press release that can be used to form the body of the article. Just a phone call to these publications will get your soaring operation listed in their local activities section. Also consider contacting your TV weathermen. Clubs in many parts of the country have discovered that weather broadcasters are often very enthusiastic about doing a report from a glider.

Contacting the press may seem a bit challenging. The SSA Publicity Committee is ready to make it easy. Contact me and I will assist you in using the press release templates. It only takes a few minutes to create a document that may bring valuable attention to your organization.

In order for soaring to grow, we need to use every opportunity to introduce the public to our sport. Adding press coverage to your organization's out-reach program will benefit your club and soaring.

Val Paget
SSA Publicity Committee Chairman vpaget@gmail.com

Posted: 7/13/2007

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