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Contest Coverage

Step by Step Contest Coverage

  1. Contact contest organizers and determine if they have a media representative.

  2. If not, volunteer to write press releases for the event and the class winners (or more if you have the time).

  3. Offer to issue a press release for the local paper about the contest.
    • Ask for the information you will need to fill in the press release template
    • Ask for the names of the local paper/papers that would be most likely to cover this event

  4. Revise Contest template (pdf | doc) and contact the media. (A more elaborate template can be found in the SOARING PUBLICITY HANDBOOK).

  5. Get competitors to complete the "Pilot Information for the Media (pdf | doc)" form at a Pilots' Meeting.

  6. Follow the contest on the "Contest Reports."

  7. At the end of the contest, look up the phone numbers of the winners on the SSA web site Member Locator section (If you didn't get the pilots to complete the form).

  8. Call the winners and explain the value of using their success at a contest as a way to promote soaring in their area. Underscore the need to promote their soaring site and the SSA. Encourage them to suggest that the reporter includes the SSA web site.

  9. Get the information you need to complete the contest template.

  10. Ask the pilot to supply information about local papers that would cover such news. This may take a second call to get all the possible news outlets from the contest winners and the title of the section of the newspaper which would be the best outlet (City Desk, Feature Editor, Lifestyle, Sports, local supplement. etc).

  11. Speak with the crew person for a quote.

  12. Complete the Contest Template. Much of the template will be finished after you revise the initial press release template. Only the parts about the specific pilots will need to be changed for different classes on subsequent press releases.

  13. Contact the media.

Contact me at vpaget@gmail.com for a copy of the following template.

Posted: 3/26/2007

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