Member Posting to the SSA Website


The SSA assumes no responsibility for the opinions expressed or statements made in articles published on the SSA website, which remain the responsibility of the contributing member and should be independently evaluated by the reader as to accuracy and correctness.

Acceptable Content:

A member posting material in violation of the foregoing rules shall be subject to penalties including, but not limited to, having his/her right of direct access to the website revoked. Content deemed inappropriate may be removed without prior notice to the posting member. Any member having questions about the suitability of any content should, prior to posting, have the content approved by the SSA, questions of this nature should be sent to

SSA Release of Copyright Statement:

It is a condition of submission to and acceptance by The Soaring Society of America, Inc. (SSA) that all material submitted for consideration and/or publication (including photographs and text), whether submitted as a result of a request by the SSA or not, is submitted on the basis that the SSA has the right, without payment or compensation, to reproduce and sell or distribute freely, and to authorize third parties who are engaged in the dissemination of information relating to the sport of soaring to reproduce and sell or distribute freely, such material. By submitting such material to the SSA for consideration and/or publication the submitter represents that they hold the right to grant a release of copyright in respect of such material. If the submitted material is clearly identified with the name of its creator suitable attribution of its source will be given.