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SSA Board Mtg, Phoenix AZ, 9-12-2015

The SSA Board of Directors meet twice a year, spring and fall, to adminster the business of the association.  Budgets are set, programs funded, projects assigned, contests located, reports of trends in the field shared.  The by-laws require these to be face-to-face meetings, no proxies, no teleconferencing. Despite the expense that this meeting-in-reality entails, it assures the fabric of friendship and respect is reinforced, looming the SSA together across disparate weather, equipment and topography.

This September's meeting was in Phoenix, and we saw perfect attendance, for the first time in a few years. A photo or two were snapped to commemorate the gathering.

Decisions of the meeting will be available on the SSA web page, under The SSA/About the SSA/Governance/Board Minutes Archive. Meanwhile, a quick recap is that the following decisions were made or information presented:

     a budget for 2016 was approved, pending refinement by ExComm before 12/15.

     stable/slipping membership is still a huge concern for us.

     staffing in Hobbs is at five full-time employees.

     the contest site for 2016 Sports Nationals is set at Uvalde, TX, Aug 7-15th.

     Awards Nomination were approved as submitted by committee.

     a review of the SSA response on the FAAs ANPRM on transponders/ADS-B was discussed.

     Lark two-seaters will have a path for life-extension through EASA. 

     the 2016 Convention Planning is well under way. A web page /domain name is in place.

     the Hall of Fame candidate nomination will be put forward for member affirmation or rejection voting.

     several Regions have shortages of CFI-G and DPE personnel still.

     accident trends follow traditional patterns, but we are blessed with fewer fatalities (4 YTD) in 2015.

Questions on SSA business, offerings to better programs (volunteering), and thanks to those friends who serve soaring with zero compensation should be directed to these Regional Directors and Directors at Large.  The SSA is us.


Posted: 9/15/2015 By: Cindy Brickner

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