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XF Gets A Facelift


When I purchased XF she had been residing in a trailer outdoors since 1975.  The fuselage gel coat was in horrible condition.  My first priority was to get her airworthy which took quite a bit of resources.  Afterwards I have competed with her for four years and steadily improved.  I am now at the point where I need the most performance possible.  Therefore, it is time to sand the fuselage down and adorn with fresh gel coat.  After 51 hours of sanding I now have her ready for priming.  Stand by for a beautiful new XF!

Photo #11770 | XF After Gelcoat Rem

Today I applied the first "spray on" coat of Prestec 2081.  After spraying we block sanded it using a guide coat.  The finish is really looking good.  Tomorrow I will spray another coat and block sand again.  This process continues until there are no low spots.

Photo #11775 | Spraying Prestec 204

Get acquainted with this tool.  Blocking out a glider takes a lot of time and patience.  The fiberglass is not straight, smooth or pretty under these early fiberglass gliders.

Photo #11781 | Quite a bit of block

It's all coming together.  I uploaded logo from Standard Cirrus Yahoo group.  Thanks guys for a great logo.

Photo #11782 | Cirrus Logo

Look at that shine!Photo #11783 | New shine

Posted: 11/20/2014 By: Lane Bush

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