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Janus C flight impressions

First, you should know I'm not one of the 'old hands' at soaring.  I started in 2001, and have just around 1,000 hours now.  I haven't flown a huge number of gliders.

  I've flown the Janus C 11 times since 14 July 2012 (for about 30ish hours). It seems to be a pretty honest glider, with few bad habits.  It climbs well, and seems to run very well.  It also seems to be about the easiest two seater to land well that I've ever flown (with the possible exception of the SGS2-33!) The one 'gotcha' I've found was described by Derek Piggot in an article he wrote about flying the Janus.  He noted that in a full slip, the rudder would aerodynamically 'lock' over, requiring a LOT of rudder pedal pressure to get it to center.  I checked.  He wasn't kidding!  I'd not recommend full slips for those with sub-par leg strength.  I'm frankly not thrilled with the trim arrangment, and the fact that you need to change the trim often.  I was spoiled by the Speed Astir.  Set the trim after release, then maybe again when landing.  The flaps on the Janus have just 4 positions: (L)anding, +8, 0,-4,-7.  I thought I would want more increments, but those settings see to be all that's needed.

The front seat has very good leg room, but not a lot of head room to spare.  The rear seat is cramped in the leg department, and the pedals are NOT adjustable.  There is a lot of extra head room in the back seat.

The single leading shoe cable actuated wheel brake is more than adequate, for a 60 pound child on a tricycle.  For an 1,400 pound glider touching down at 40 knots.....not so much.  I'll send the wheel off to Vintage Brake when we box the glider up for the winter. 

All in all, I'm really happy I got involved with this glider.  I'll probably fly it less once I get my Speed Astir back in service, but it's a great glider for giving rides.

Posted: 8/10/2012 By: James Wynhoff

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