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Oxygen cylinders

While going through the Janus to get it ready for it's annual inspection of condition, I pulled the Oxygen bottle.  Long story short, it was a 3HT bottle, with a 24 year life span, and it was 33 years old.  I shopped around, and found a 60 cubic foot bottle, with the correct valve assembly, here:http://www.discountcarts.com/M60-size-Aluminum-Cylinder-_p_133.html

They also have the smaller bottles, but they come with the medical type valves.  They will also get and sell you the CGA 540 valve, but won't install it.  Locally, I couldn't find anyone who would. The lawyers have made us safe from ourselves. (Hint: it's not difficult to swap the valves).  

Posted: 7/30/2012 By: James Wynhoff

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