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Photos finally Posted

I still owe y'all a wrap up for Monday, which I'll post tonight.  Yesterday I got thrown in the air as one of the first three pilots; but then the day was cancelled as we struggled off tow.  I ended up flying the task anyways and averaged about 56mph (according to my copy of Winscore).  Not bad for a weak, blue (no cloud) day in which I got low a couple of times!

In the meantime, I finally got the photos off of my phone and posted to Flickr.  Enjoy them!
Mt Shasta

Today's task is a crazy-huge flight to the east and back to the west along a convergence line.  I have a beef with this tasking committee which seems determined to call old-school AT's and the same task for both classes (even when it doesn't make sense).  Originally, today's task was either 65mph or 90mph, with no in-between (ah, the joy of an MAT with a 90-mile stretch between turnpoints). After a bunch of pilots lobbied the CD, he bullied the tasking committee into changing their mind and adding a turnpoint.  But if they'd just call TATs with reasonable cylinders, they wouldn't have this issue!  TATs may not seem as "racey" but they provide so much more flexibility.  They allow slow guys to complete the task flying short (without penalizing them), and they allo the fast guys to go extra-far (racking up extra speed).  They also allow for changing weather - with an MAT or AT you have to drive to an exact spot and if you get there during a down-cycle instead of an up-cycle, you're hosed.  With a TAT you can move over a couple of miles and use whatever lift is available.  It takes luck and bad timing out of the equation.  With 24 ships being launched in two classes across 1.5 hours, you cannot all start and arrive at the Turnpoints at the same time, and hanging out waiting for good lift near the turnpoint slows you down so you're just being stubborn for calling an MAT and reducing flexibility and increasing luck.  GRRRRRRR...

(The good news is that they just added a turnpoint to the task to add a few choices.  But it took a lot of convincing!)


Posted: 7/4/2012 By: Noel Wade

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