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Gearing up for the US Std Nationals

Well, Hello! If you're reading this I've probably recently sent you a link to this page. First of all, thanks for your interest - I'm flattered!

If you're one of my non-flying friends, check out these two video links (recommend you view them in fullscreen mode)
They give you a sense of what it is I'll be doing every day for the next two weeks, in the mountains of Northern California.  For the uninitiated, I'll also try to explain how Glider Racing works in my next couple of Blog posts.

I drive down to the Mt. Shasta area on Friday June 22nd.  Once I get there I will be focused on flying, but I will try to write nightly recaps here on this Blog.  If you're lucky, I'll get some pics to post each day as well (but no promises - I'm here to race!).  Expect posts to go up sometime between 10pm and Midnight.

If you want to watch me during the day, you can use my SPOT Satellite tracker.  It updates my position every 10 minutes, and this page will show you all the places I've been in the last 24 hours (note that it may capture the tail end of my previous day's flight in addition to my current one):
(this won't start working until the first day of flying)

Thanks again, and stay tuned!


Posted: 6/21/2012 By: Noel Wade

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