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Commercial Pilot A Party to Remember

Friday (10/14/11) was epic. I Passed my commercial pilot check-ride in gliders. Then flew to Vegas with Dan Kline, Isaac Warner, and Tom Serkowski in Dan's Cessna 182 for my bachelor party. There Thomas Wilkins met us and surprised Dan and I with a sunset flight at Sky Combat Aces (http://skycombatace.com/). We flew their Extra 330LC unlimited aerobatic aircraft on a flight consisting of Basic Fighter Maneuvers (1-v-1 Dogfighting), Aerobatics (Loops, Hammerheads, Tail-Slides, Reverse Cuban 8's), Formation Flight, and a low level Strike Mission before returning over the lights of Vegas! I won't ever forget this! Pilots truly are a higher form of life.

Posted: 10/17/2011 By: Kevin Johnson

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