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Days 5 6 at Logan, 2011


Pardon the very brief entry - I'm doing this from my phone late at night in a hotel, after beginning the drive home. 


The last two days the weather began to weaken again, and there was some complaining by some of the contestants who were uncomfortable with the challenging tasks that were being called. So the contest staff settled for Ridge-running tasks both days.  


These are somewhat fun, but it is very hard to separate yourself from other pilots on this kind of task because everyone can fly just about the same speed and do just about the same thing.  My day 1 follies put me in a hole, points-wise; and the last 2 days of tasks made it very hard to catch up. 


In the end, I took 3rd place on Friday (3 points behind the 2nd place finisher) and I won the day Saturday. But I couldn't quite catch Mike Reid (3rd place overall) or Colin (2nd place overall). Drat!  


In the end it was a weird contest with the weather and people pulling out and all the devalued days... But I still think Logan is a great soaring site and there are a lot of good people involved in the site and the contest. I enjoyed their company and the camaraderie of all my fellow pilots!  I hope to see you all again soon!


--Noel "Kilo Romeo"

P.s. I'll be posting photos and video on this blog in a few days. 

Posted: 7/24/2011 By: Noel Wade

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