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Silver Badge Achieved

I admire the people that get the silver in one flight.  However, mine took several flights.  The altitude and distance were achieved on one flight while the duration took a couple of tries.

The distance was planned for a route that just barely covered the 50km.  If luck prevailed I was going to try to get back to the club field.  Luckily a club LS-8 decided to fly the route with me.  We wound up flying a 165km triangle.  What an introduction to cross country flying!  I was hooked.

The duration was another matter.  On my first attempt I announced my intentions and one of the old timers answered back, "it looks like a 4 hour and 45 minute day to me".  He was right.  I landed at 4 hours and 46 minutes.  However before the year was out I managed a 5 hour and 11 minute flight.  The flight consisted of the furtherest out and back to date and was a wonderful day of flying.  

The Silver Badge was very enjoyable as I learned so much in planning and executing the flights.  It was especially on topic as I was planning my first competitions while attempting the Silver legs.  Every pilot should set some goals for himself and continue trying to learn this great sport.

Posted: 12/5/2010 By: Lane Bush

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