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Logan Contest - Day 3 (a)

I'll try to post an actual blog entry tomorrow morning...  Right now its 1am and I need sleeeeeeep!

I've spent the last couple of hours comparing my flight to Bruno Vassel's.  Today was an interesting task that I'll write about in the morning, and Bruno and I started out on-course within 5 minutes of each other, and took almost the same course-line throughout much of the day - yet our flights were an interesting study in contrast.  Going into the first turnpoint I had narrowed the gap to being only 2 minutes behind him, but he got to a cloud and took a nice climb; whereas I wasted a minute or two in a dud thermal, then tried to climb up in the same place he did - only to get rained on some.  I still climbed at a decent pace, but was unable to gain as much altitude.  It was the first mistake of a few, which led to Bruno absolutely stomping the day at a raw speed of 80mph - beating everyone in the Sports class and driving faster than every single FAI-class glider (most of which were carrying water-ballast), except for one.

In any case, I'm bushed and I need to be up early tomorrow so I'll sign off by saying that it was a tough flight but a good task, the weather started out bad but turned beautiful - with rainbows, lightning-storms, and a remarkable sunset all happening simultaneously as we ate a catered BBQ dinner at the airport tonight.  Lots of camaraderie and friendships are beginning to develop amongst this group, and I continue to be impressed with the quality of people who choose this sport.

As for standings, I finished 7th on the day (out of 17), and am hanging on to 5th place overall at the moment.  The gap to 2nd place is surmountable if I fly better the rest of the week; but 1st place is beginning to pull away.  Still, its nice to see some of the newer pilots (like Adam who took second-place today) put in really good flights and place high in the overall standings!


Posted: 7/22/2010 By: Noel Wade

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