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Region 9 (Logan, UT) Contest Travel Day

Well today I got on the road to Logan, UT for the site of the Region 9 (North) Contest.

Normally a travel day wouldn't be worth reporting on, but the excitement has already begun!  I spent the night in central Washington, to get a jump-start on the travel; and today I was making good time - until right around 1pm...

At that point, I stopped into a rest area to stretch my back.  As I pulled into the rest area, I could see that it was under construction - but was definitely open.  I stood outside for a few minutes, testing my back and watching the workers bulldoze the landscape and rebuild structures.  I was relaxed and happy - then I walked around my car and gave it a good look.  I'd run over a couple of construction staples (although I was nowhere near any of the construction), and both of my rear tires were slowly leaking!  They didn't seem to be bad, but with 400+ miles to go I didn't want to trust them - especially towing my trailer!  A blowout would be wayyyy more "fun" than I'd like to have on this trip.

So now I'm getting to know the inside of the Les Schwab Tire Center in Baker City, Oregon.  Baker City looks boring from the freeway but is actually a busy historical town that seems nice.  I'm not interested in a long-term stay, though!  Hopefully they can get me 2 new tires and back on my way in an hour or two.  I may not make Logan tonight, depending on the delay; we shall see!


UPDATE: Made it to Logan late at night, but safe and sound!

Posted: 7/16/2010 By: Noel Wade

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