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Day 2 We sit

Tuesday was warm but fairly stable with high winds aloft, so the day was scrubbed.

Keith Purves ("2F") and I took the opportunity to run up to Grand Coulee Dam.  WOW, what a spectacle!  We took a tour, and due to an elevator failure they took us in Cargo Vans to some normally off-limits areas of the dam.  Furthermore, they had a generator under repair so they were spilling the excess water over the top of the dam - the entire spillway was running (thundering is a better word for it).  We got to stand on top of the dam and watch the water roaring past beneath our feet - something the public hasn't been allowed to do since 9/11.  

After the dam, we headed to the Grand Coulee airport (at Electric City) and scoped out the runway and accom modations - its a great little airport!  Nice pilot's lounge, a grassy area with picnic tables right along the water, easy access to take a swim in Banks Lake... Next time I land out, its going to be there.

At 7pm we all gathered 'round the clubhouse for another one of the famous Becky Newgard BBQ dinners; with too much good food to list here.  Stories were swapped and dessert was enjoyed by all - despite already being full from dinner!  Another beautiful sunset capped off a nice day in Ephrata - even without the flying.

Wednesday (today) was an interesting flying day; but I'll post about that later...

Posted: 6/30/2010 By: Noel Wade

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