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Flight Delay

In soaring, you sometimes have weather delays.  Quite the opposite of a rain-delay in most sports, sometimes the air becomes to calm and orderly ("stable") to produce lift.

And that's what happened today...  We launched a couple of "sniffer" gliders to test out the start areas of the proposed Task (plan "A").  They reported practically no lift and were unable to get above a height that allowed for any ability to scoot between waypoints.  So we waited awhile and tried for a "Task B".  Again the sniffers poked their noses out and reported almost nothing.  So at 1:30pm the contest day was called off.  "Task C" was chosen - the "C" standing for "Cold Beer". 

 Sean, one of the hot pilots here has been helping and mentoring myself and a friend of mine (both of us are here to attend our first contest).  He had a pass to a nearby ranch/resort, so we spent the afternoon soaking in their hot pool, fed by natural hot springs - swapping stories and picking his brain about flying (and other topics). 

Afterward we returned to the airport where the Willat family (owners of the Sky Sailing operation here) cooked up a big dinner with homemade salsa, a variety of side dishes,  burgers, hot dogs, and hot apple pie.  It would have been nice to fly today, but the relaxation, good food, and good stories were a worthy alternative! 

 The lift should get better as we head towards the weekend, so I'm keeping the faith and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

Take care,

--Glider Kilo Romeo

Posted: 4/29/2009 By: Noel Wade

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