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Sailplane Launching Revolution


 Laszlo 'Hemi' Hemmert, lives in Hungary. His hobbies are flying, hang-gliding, paragliding, hot ballooning, and sailplanes. He's professionally an original animation-cartoonist, graphics-photographer.

      Of his suggested new launch method, Mr. Hemmert wrote, "It is mix of the two-type solution for take off...Plus secret think, because the towing-airplane use wire-gear for make half pulling-power....It is economical .....

    Your friend : HEMI"

                Ps: But continuei want to do more idea for winch - towing...!"


We'll be looking for more innovative soaring technology from "Hemi" in the future. Perhaps around April 1, 2010. . .




We received word here at Soaring magazine of a new launch technology that has been in development in Europe, and is now ready for public view.  The magazine has been granted the exclusive rights to publicly display the working drawings of this cutting edge technology later this week. Please stay tune for further developments. 

Best Regards, Chuck Coyne, Editor, Soaring Magazine 

Posted: 2/24/2009 By: Charles Coyne

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