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A Quiet Giant

When I first met Dick in the late 70's , I introduced myself to one of my childhood heros and the first thing he said was "you are doing well with that PIK- keep it up". I was simply amazed that the great Dick Johnson would even know who I was. Mant times over the years since , Dick quietly counseled me as I sought to get more performance from my gliders. He was always encouraging. It made me feel special and lucky.

I now realize he did this with pretty much everybody. Guiding encoraging, teaching. We'll never know the depth of what Dick gave to us all.

I would guess Dick got  as much as he gave. It is fitting that he would leave us in the seat of his Ventus, doing what he loved best.

See Ya in the next 10 knotter.

Good finish Juliet Delta

Hank Nixon  UH

Posted: 7/28/2008 By: Richard Johnson

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