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A great pilot and a great man

I've had the honor of knowing Dick from the beginning of my soaring career. His character was as graceful as his flying. He always had a smile on his face and a warm sense of humor. Despite his accomplishments and skill, Dick was very humble, friendly and accessible. His energy and sharing his passion for flight was a driving force to all around him. His leadership and ambassadorship advanced, promoted and grew the sport of soaring. I consider him to be a hero in the air as well as the ground.

As a pilot, his skill was unmatched. On weak days, he could find lift and stay up for hours when everybody else was lucky to stay up 30 minutes. He was the first to launch and last to land. He would make flying many hundred kilometers seem effortless. I can recall many thermals I was privileged to share with him where he would start below me and somehow end above. He was always the man to beat.

He was an inspiration, a great source of knowledge, a leader, a mentor, an innovator and a good friend. He will never be forgotten and will forever be missed.

Omri Kalinsky

Posted: 7/26/2008 By: Richard Johnson

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