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Nicest Guy I Ever Met

When I first arrived at Caddo Mills and ran into Dick I thought, "My gosh, this is the legendary Dick Johnson".  He turned out to be the most genuine, friendly, helpful person I've ever known.  As Fred Blair mentioned, he wrote my name in his little notebook and never forgot it.

Couple of memories ....

One winter weekend day when the conditions were such that no ordinary glider pilot would even bother, he launched and had to land 12 to 15 minutes later. The next day, while I was helping get him launched, I said, "Dick, the conditions are no better today". He replied, "Well, I didn't do too good  yesterday ... I need to practice".  Imagine that!  Dick Johnson needed to practice.

On another ocassion I was helping him push his Ventus out to the flight line and was posing questions about the benefits/frequency of waxing the wings on my Discus.  He just looked at me with that smile of his and said, "The air doesn't care".  I had no more questions that day.

Really gonna miss him.

Mike Jendrzey (B7)

Posted: 7/25/2008 By: Richard Johnson

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