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Yours Thermally

I had met Dick Johnson many times over the years
at various contests. He and Alice took in my crew and I when I made my Diamond Distance flight from Sunflower to Caddo Mills in 1990. Most recently, I had gotten to spend time with Dick and Alice at the Thermal and Wave Camps that they organized at Marfa, Texas. His passing leaves a huge void in all of us.
Let's fill the voids with good memories and stories.

Just today, I got my NSM Newsletter. There, on the cover, is a picture of the RJ-5 being hoisted to its display location in
the NSM. It was not all that long ago, so it seems, that I helped George Applebay with mating the old RJ-5 wings to the newly fabricated replica fusleage. As we rolled the
fuselage from the workshop to the hangar at Moriarty, I could almost picture Dick along side us, as he must have been when he had first mated the wings to the fuselage many years before. I wish we had been able to have the plane finished, and 50 years after his 535 mile flight from
Odessa to Salina, been able to launch him from Odessa in the RJ-5, just to see how far he could go. The plane was not ready, but I am sure Dick would have been up for it if it had been.

TSA, Alice, and all the rest of your family, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. As Dick would sign his
Yours Thermally,
Steve Leonard

Posted: 7/24/2008 By: Richard Johnson

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