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Links of Interest

The following links to other aviation groups are listed for the convenience of our members and visitors.

Please also check our:
  Affiliates and Divisions Page for special interest independant groups.
  Business Member listing for soaring products and services.
  Where to Fly Map for soaring operations across the USA.
  Weather Resources links page for weather information.
Featured Clubs
To have your club featured here contact webmaster
  Caesar Creek Soaring Club, OH
  Nutmeg Soaring Association, NY
SSA Regions
  SSA Region 11
  SSA Region 12
  Colorado Soaring
  Virginia Soaring Association
General Gliding Links
  Sailplane Directory
  Soaring Server (John Leibacher)
International Gliding and Other Aviation Organizations
  Federation Aeronautique Internationale
  International Gliding Commission
  British Gliding Association
  Soaring Association of Canada
  Gliding New Zealand
  The Gliding Federation of Australia
  Soaring Society of South Africa (SSSA)
  International Aerobatic Club
  European Gliding Union
  OSTIV - International Scientific and Technical Soaring Organisation
  Gliding and Motorgliding International
US Government
  Federal Aviation Administration
  Federal Aviation Regulations (all), Part 61, Part 91
  Aircraft Registry, Type Certificates, Airworthiness Directives
  Airmen Registry, Certificate Application Form, Change of Address Form
  National Transportation Safety Board
Other US Aviation Organizations
  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  The Balloon Federation of America
  The National Aeronautic Association
  United States Ultralight Association
  United States Parachute Association
  U.S. Hang Gliding Association
   Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
Historical events with persistent websites
  1st World Club Class Championships 2001 - Australia
  Return to Kitty Hawk 2003 - USA
   28th World Gliding Championships 2003 - Poland
  Soaring 100, October 21-24, 2011
  32nd World Gliding Championships 2012 - United States
  32nd World Gliding Championships 2012 - Argentina
Type Clubs (websites)
  ASW-15 Schreder
  ASW-24E Schweizer 1-26
  Mini Nimbus Schweizer 1-34
  Open Cirrus Schweizer 1-35
  Phoebus Solitaire
  PW-5, PW-5 Standard Cirrus
Type Clubs (discussion groups)
  ASW-20 Mini Nimbus
  ASW-24 Monerai
  ASW-27 Open Cirrus
  Briegleb PIK-20
  Carat Phoebus
  Carbon Dragon Schleicher ASH-26E
  DG Motorgliders Schreder
  DG (Solo powered) sailplanes Schweizer 1-26
  Diamant Silent
  Genesis Sparrowhawk
  HPH Glasflugel 304CZ Standard Cirrus
  Kestrel/604 Ventus 2cm
Soaring related blogs and news
  Roger's Soaring Blog Let's Go Flying - Sailplanes
  The Soaring Laboratory Soaring Café
  Cherokee II Sailplanes Topix - Gliding
  Sailplane Stories & Ressources Soaring - All kind of  news!
  The Glider Show Rob's blog, mainly gliding and travel related
  Discusman's Gliding Blog Cambridge University Gliding Club blogs
  GliderForum.com  Wise Old Sayings-Aviation Quotes
Other (discussion groups)
  HighTech Sailplane Design Homebuilt Sailplanes
  Rec.Aviation.Soaring Newsgroup  
  • Cumulus Soaring
  • Arizona Soaring
  • Knauff & Grove
  • Costello Insurance
  • Lea County State Bank
  • SSA Banner Ads
Academy of Model Aeronautics