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SSA Digital Media Working Group

You can hardly visit a web site today without finding icons linking to feeds, blogs, social networking sites, and extended services as part of overall marketing efforts.  The SSA presently has few marketing dollars, however, our membership is rich with talent and much has been done voluntarily to promote soaring.  Some of these efforts improve the SSA web site, but there are many other creative and compelling  that appear on club and chapter web sites.

The SSA Digital Media Working Group is envisioned as a framework, or perhaps a virtual hackerspace, that will embellish the society's efforts to provide tools and techniques to the leaders, the members, and engage ad hoc efforts.  It's hoped that coaches and guides will emerge as volunteers.

The topics of digital media are broad and constantly shifting paradigms.  Included are, but not limited to:

Social Networking

Web Sites

Live content

  • Webinars
  • Web meetings
  • Video chat
  • Field reporting (including Live FB or YouTube Video)
    • Chris Schrader
  • Mentoring
  • Tracking


  • Open
  • Targeted

SSA Web Site Functionality

  • Committee use
  • Member use
  • News portal
  • Archives of live sessions
Email or call Frank Whiteley, SSA Region 9 Director, at 970-330-2050, 7am-10pm MDT

Posted: 5/11/2011

Growth and Retention Committee 

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