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Photo #10780 | Logo Sponsor a MembePhoto #10779 | Sponsor a MemberThis year select someone you know - a club member, a new glider pilot or a student pilot - and sponsor them into the SSA for one year. Offer them an SSA membership and help them discover the world of soaring.

The impact of this simple act of giving cannot be over-stated. It says you care about the person and believe strongly in the SSA. While person-to-person sponsorship is most effective, you may sponsor a membership in your name, for a recipient to be determined by the SSA. You may also sponsor a membership anonymously.

While the concept is simple, the potential of this program is staggering. If each SSA member sponsored just one other person into the organization, our membership would double.

Your gift will make a difference in a pilot’s career!

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Posted: 2/16/2014

One More To Soar Winner Delivery

The 1-26 Grand Prize for membership recruitment was awarded to Peter Guy of the Texas Soaring Association, in Midlothian.

Serial number 215 had languished a bit in Wisconsin after being donated by the Voltz family to SSA for use as a recruitment tool. Peter wants the glider to be used by his entire Texas club.

This September, Director Ron McLaughlin transported the stylish classic design to the central location of the Board of Director's meeting in Wichita, Kansas. At the close of the business meeting, it was time to seek some fresh air, to get some real work done. The glider was to be swapped onto the TSA trailer, which had traveled north with Chairman-elect Phil Umphres.

1-26 owner of many years, retiring-Chair Dianne Black-Nixon announced upon adjournment, that the transfer job should only require ten minutes.

So, we beg the question. Just how many Directors does it take to change a trailer?

Seemingly, eight. Chip Garner, Ken Sorenson, Geoff Weck, Ron McLaughlin, Sterling Starr, Phil Umphres, Dave Pixton, photographer Cindy Brickner, with supervision from the Soaring Safety Foundation provided by Rich Carlson.

And the additional help meant that the Finish Time Interval of ten minutes was predictably exceeded! -- C. Brickner

Posted: 10/1/2008

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