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FAA AMOC for L-13 Available

From the FAA, dated 7/7/17:

I would like your assistance in getting the word out on a global AMOC to AD 2010-18-05, for the L-13 Blanik gliders.  The AMOC (letter here) allows the use of Blanik Aircraft CZ Service Bulletin L13/117a, Revision 1, dated September 29, 2016, to satisfy the modification requirements in paragraph (f) of FAA AD 2010-18-05.  The requester is the current TC Holder for the L-13 Blanik glider, Blanik Aircraft CZ s.r.o.  They have given their permission for this letter to be posted online for the benefit of all operators.  It’s already been posted to the www.regulations.gov website.

Posted: 7/7/2017

Government Liaison Committee 

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