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Why You Should Donate

Photo #15704 | USWST

There are great reasons to support our US Soaring Team to the Women’s World Championships!

  1. It’s important to support Women in soaring!  Photo #14705 | Give Now
    The vast majority of soaring pilots are men – we have too few women in the air with us.  The Women’s Soaring Pilot Association does an amazing job of encouraging female pilots through their web site, newsletter, and the soaring camps they run.  They can use some help from the rest of us!

  2. And encouraging women in competition will lead to more and better pilots  Photo #14705 | Give Now
    Role models are important to all younger, newer, less experienced, or hesitant entrants to our sport.  When a new pilot comes to the field to investigate this intriguing sport we practice, and happens to be female and surrounded by men, isn’t it great to be able to tell her that the highest ranked 15M pilot in the USA is currently Sarah Arnold.  Or that Sylvia Grandstaff has flown 900 combat hours at the controls of a Chinook over Afgahnistan?  Or that Kathy Fosha designs aerospace equipment?

  3. The Team we’ve got is dedicated and motivated Photo #14705 | Give Now
    They all went to the pre-Worlds last year on their own dime and assembled invaluable experience with the terrain, the weather, and the competitors. They flown several US contests since then to stay tuned up.  They’ve rearranged their lives to get to Lake Keepit come December.  They’ll be ready to succeed!

  4. We have a real shot at medal success Photo #14705 | Give Now
    Sarah Arnold already has two medals in Women’s world competition, and both Kathy and Sylvia are experienced competition pilots at the national level.  This is the strongest Team we’ve ever fielded, hands down

  5. Our Team needs funding to succeed Photo #14705 | Give Now
    Please understand that participation in World events requires significant time and treasure from our pilots.  The US Team Committee funds the bare essentials only – plane tickets, glider rentals, entry fees, tows and the like, but most living expenses fall to the participants to cover.  You can be confident that your donation will be used for critical items only – feel free to peruse the Team budget here (click here to see the budget).

  6. The US Team Committee is dedicated to developing strong competition pilots in the USA and fielding strong Teams internationally Photo #14705 | Give Now
    Our all-volunteer Committee works hard to improve our international performance, and we are up against well-funded national team organizations when we go abroad.  It is what it is, but your support, financial and otherwise, is badly needed for us to further our mission.  Please give what you can.

Posted: 8/17/2019