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Ways to Support Junior Soaring

Future soaring pilots being mentored

We greatly appreciate the support of our donors through both major gifts and the annual Eagle Fund Drive!

1.   Scholarships for pre and or post solo flight; and CFI-G ratings Photo #14705 | Give Now

    1. A $50K donation will endow a NAMED scholarship of $2K/year in perpetuity

    2. A $2K donation will fund a NAMED scholarship of $2K for one year

    3. A donation under $2K will be pooled with others of the like to create one scholarship for each $2K collected.  If less than $2k is collected in any one year, it will be rolled over to future years.

    4. An addition to the Gross Cadet Scholarship endowment

    5. An addition to the Bultman Youth Scholarship endowment

2.  Subsidy of Juniors participating in sanctioned SSA Competitions Photo #14705 | Give Now

    1. Donations for this are added to the Rules Committee Junior Competition Endowment. Income from this endowment is used to fund the Junior Rebate program, which subsidizes 90% of contest entry fees and contest tows for Juniors participating in SSA sanctioned competitions.

    2. A donation of $50K or greater would create a NAMED endowment that would operate with the same rules and procedures as the Rules Committee endowment.

3.  Subsidy of Juniors participating in a Junior World Championship  Photo #14705 | Give Now

    1. A donation that can be used up to its entirety (at the discretion of the US Team Committee) for supporting the next JWGC team.

    2. A donation that is added to the underlying endowment, where the yearly income is used to support every future JWGC.

    3. Note that a donation of $50K or greater can create a NAMED endowment that operates with the same rules and procedures as in (2).

    4. An addition to the Mozer Junior Champion Trust.

4.  Donations to the Youth/Junior Committee  Photo #14705 | Give Now

    1. These funds are used to subsidize non-flying costs of operating a Junior Cross Country or Competition Camp (e.g. travel and living for participants and mentors).

5.  A new way of supporting Junior soaring. Photo #14705 | Give Now

    1. A gift of $50K or greater will create a NAMED fund that will operate according to rules mutually agreed between the donor and the SSA. This could be operated as either an endowment (where the annual investment income supports the purpose) or a “use at will” fund.

Contact us at mylegacy@ssa.org or (575) 392-1177 8 am - 5 pm M-F Mountain Time
The SSA (EIN 95-1932120) is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Posted: 7/20/2018