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Dick Butler Inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame

On October 13th, 2007, in Birmingham, Alabama, notable representatives of aviation in Alabama along with close friends and family gathered to honor four Alabama aviators who have devoted their lives to further this historic legacy. These individuals join a distinguished group of sixty-eight men and women whose names are synonymous with advances in aviation, not only in Alabama but throughout the world. The inductees included Richard Butler known to many in the soaring racing community as DB.

The state of Alabama will soon celebrate its centennial anniversary of powered flight, a history that is illustrated and preserved among the plaques of the inductees of the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame. The Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame was created in 1981 by the Alabama Legislature to "...promote and encourage the growth and public support of aviation, especially general aviation, by providing official and public recognition and honor to individuals, who by extraordinary achievement and service have made outstanding and substantial contributions to aviation. Persons to receive such recognition may be residents of the state of Alabama who receive recognition for aviation achievements elsewhere, or non-residents who contribute directly to aviation in Alabama."

From the Wright Flyer to the race for space, Alabamians have remained at the forefront of the design and development of aviation and aerospace technology. Aeronautical and aerospace engineers like inductee Richard Butler have been turning the dreams of science fiction into technical realities. The plaques in the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame include the names of some of the most notable aeronautical engineers and designers in aviation and aerospace history; names like Stinson, Stuhlinger, and von Braun. The name of Richard Butler has been added to that distinguished list. The fact that Mr. Butler is also a five-time national soaring champion and is the first soaring pilot to be inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame is a testament to the level of achievement and contributions he has made.

The sixty-eight men and women of the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame represent the very best of the first century of powered flight in Alabama. The narratives on their plaques tell the story of individuals deeply committed to the advancement of aviation.

Written by Billy Singleton and
Bill Elliott,
SSA Alabama State Governor

Posted: 10/16/2007 By: Region 5

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