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SSA Members at Smithsonian's Family Day

The Saturday before Father's Day this year was the third annual "Family Day" at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center (the Air and Space museum at Dulles International Airport). And it attracted about 15,000 people!! A major feature of this year's event was to have a variety of aircraft parked on the ramp behind the museum. And a variety they had! A C-5, an Osprey, control line models in action, a tethered hot air balloon, warbirds, homebuilts, antiques, helicopters, modern warplanes, and many beautiful general aviation airplanes.

Thanks to Natalie Margy of A&S, SSA member Richard Freytag secured the display area immediately outside the only door in the museum from which visitors could exit to view the ramp on the aircraft! So everyone exited right between the wings of an ASW-20C (owned by Richard Freytag, Jim Garrison, and Jim Kellett) and an LS-4 (owned by Frank Banas and Steve Lander). A G-103, owned by Paul Dawson, was located immediately to the right, and an awning, staffed by Pat Kellett and Rachel Freytag held SSA brochures (thanks to Donna's frantic last minute shipment of brochures!) and a TV playing soaring videos. The group was invited back next year, and the owners this year pledged to do just that.

Posted: 6/18/2007 By: General News

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