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SSA clubs sweep IGC-OLC World League Round 4

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Soaring Society of America U.S. based clubs swept the top five places in the 2007 IGC-OLC World League Round 4 this past weekend.

Favorable ridge soaring weather put two teams flying out of Pennsylvania on top this week. The Ridge Soaring Irregulars were lead by Karl Striedieck at 147.04 km/h handicapped speed and John Seymour at 139.90 km/h, flying out of Mifflin County Airport, while also competing in the SSA 2007 15 Meter Nationals contest. Robert Harvey, 82, posted a 135.57 km/h score (without using water ballast) flying out of Ridge Soaring Gliderport. That brought the team total score to 422.52 km/h, the highest team score so far this year. This earned them the top spot in the world, worth the maximum of 40 points this round.

The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association posted two blisterinig speeds this round, flying along the ridges upwind of their home base at Fairfield. Michael Higgins clocked in at 155.82 km/h, and Baudouin Litt was not far behind at 151.22 km/h, to help M-ASA post a 396.40 km/h total, giving them second place and 39 points this round.

Tucson Soaring Club of Arizona, Black Forest Soaring in Colorado and Warner Springs Gliders from California rounded out the top 5 clubs this week. They were followed by SFZ Königsdorf and LSC Schliersee of Germany, and AC Bolzano of Italy. Jerzy Szemplinski posted a 141.84 speed also ridge running in the 15m nationals out of Mifflin County to help put Ontario Canada based SOSA Gliding Club in 9th position.

In the overall scoring, U.S. based clubs hold six of the top ten spots, lead by Warner Springs Gliders with a total of 124 of a possible 160 points. They are followed by Tucson Soaring Club with 120, AC Esslingen of Germany with 118, and Black Forest Soaring with 115, and SFZ Königsdorf with 105 points.

The IGC-OLC World League is an international team gliding competition that runs in conjunction with the Online Contest for 19 weeks during the northern summer season. Individual scoring is based on highest handicapped speed in a 2.5 hour window. Points are assigned to the highest placing teams each round to decide the overall winner at the end of the season.

To follow the results of the competion throughout the season, go to the SSA web site and follow the links to "Sailplane Racing" then "Online Contest 'OLC'" and click on Scoring.

Doug Haluza
SSA-OLC Administrator

Posted: 5/23/2007 By: OLC Committee

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