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SSA-OLC 2.0 New Features!

The OLC Team is continuously making improvements in the new OLC 2.0 platform.  For example, new shortcuts in the right hand pane, are designed to make navigating the site easier.

Once you have logged in, the "My OLC" tab lets you quicly see all your claimed flights. It also lets you see your club's flights as well, so check this often to see what your fellow club members have been up to, both at the home field and while on soaring safari. And post your flights too, so you have a complete record of the club's X/C flying activity.

The "Quick Links" tab lets you jump right to the OLC claim form to claim your flights. The new claim form is much easier to use than last year. The new OLC 2.0 claim engine reads more information from the IGC file, and also knows you from your log-in, so you only need to fill in the missing information on the web form now. If you put all the information in your logger exactly as it appears on the OLC site, your claim will be completely automatic!

There is also a Quick-Link to the "Help/FAQ" page. There's lots of useful information there on problems people have had along with the solutions. Use this resource along with your local club members to make the OLC process smoother for everyone wherever you fly.

One thing you do need for a valid claim is an IGC or OLC approved logger, and logger validation problems are a common help topic. While there are many different tools for downloading your logger, if you have validation trouble, download the file from the logger again, and check the security code, using only the logger manufacturer approved software. This is especially important for Cambridge C302 users. If you can't get a valid log with this process, contact your logger manufacturer for support. If your log file is valid, but will not score, then send the file as an email attachment with an explanation to olc@ssa.org so we can fix it.

Another improvement is separate status indicators for scoring and validation for each flight claim in the "My flight book" button in the MyOLC tab. The flight state shows the progress of the scoring algorithm, which is run in order as each flight is uploaded. The IGC-data state shows the progress of the IGC validation which is also run spearately. During busy claim times, these processes can be backlogged, so please be patient. You will also receive a report via email with the final results now in OLC 2.0.

The new modular OLC 2.0 platform makes these types of incremental improvements possible, because the critical functions are broken down into many small modules. This allows different team members to work on different parts of the program simultaneously. Look for more improvements throughout the year.

The OLC server has also been upgraded and moved to a new hosting site. The new hardware has a dual-quad processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM memory to handle the extra processing demands now that the northern summer season is kicking into high gear. Hopefully these upgrades will mitgate the server probems experenced earlier in the season.

To navigate to the SSA-OLC page, go to "Sailplane Racing" in the menu at the left side of the SSA home page, and click on "Online Contest", or follow this link.

Doug Haluza
SSA-OLC Administrator

Posted: 5/12/2007 By: OLC Committee

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