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AD Issued on Pawnee horizontal stab.

This directive (AD) is for Piper Pawnees PA-25, 25-235 & 25-260. This AD results from corrosion found in horizontal stab fore and aft attach points. This corrosion could cause failure in flight.

This AD has a time period for initial inspection within 50 flight hours after May 18, recurring 100 hour time in service inspections until accruing 1000 hours after May 18, at which point the permanent alteration must be made. The replacement of tubing negates the recurrent inspections at any time following the effective date of May 18, 2007.

Full text of the AD may be found at: 2007-08-07.

The referenced service bulletin may be downloaded here: SB link.

C. Brickner, Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 4/26/2007 By: Government Liaison Committee

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