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IGC-OLC World League starts this weekend!

The IGC-OLC World League starts its second season this weekend!

The Online Contest (OLC) League now covers all countries participating in the OLC for 2007. Last year, SSA-OLC League clubs took the top 5 places in the 2006 IGC-OLC World League competition sanctioned by the FAI (scoring is posted on the FAI web site here). This year, we need to do even better!

The IGC-OLC World League scores the top clubs from each national league in an international competition. The competition rounds run for 19 weekends from April 28 to September 2, 2007.

This decentralised soaring competition is based on the SSA-OLC Classic, but it is a speed, not a distance competition. No additional procedure is necessary to claim flights-all flights entered in the OLC will automatically be scored for the SSA-OLC national league, and the overall IGC-OLC World League.

Any pilot can participate in the SSA-OLC competition--all you need is a glider and a logger. You can register (or re-register) from the OLC home page by clicking on "Competitor" in the tool bar, then selecting Contest Registration (or Contest Registration Update). Then claim your flights each weekend throughout the summer before the Wednesday early morning deadline.

Rule changes for 2007:

  1. Pilots can start anywhere worldwide for their club; the need to start at a home airport has been eliminated.
  2. The best 10 clubs per country qualify for the World League scoring each round (In 2006, only the top 5 clubs were scored).
  3. The winning club will receive 40 points, the lower ranked clubs will receive (40-n) points, to a minimum of 1 point.
  4. The altitude at the end of the 2.5 hour scoring window must be equal or higher, than the start altitude.
  5. The remaining rules remain the same. Complete rules can be found on the OLC web site here.

Posted: 4/26/2007 By: OLC Committee

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