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SSA Board of Directors Vote to Eliminate Rebates

After lengthy debate and discussion concerning the ongoing financial condition and the first draft budget for 2006, the SSA Board of Directors took action, at the meeting on October 1, 2005 to eliminate rebates offered to SSA Chapters and Business Members.

In the past, membership rebates of five dollars per renewing members and seven dollars for new members was provided to all SSA Chapters. Business members received twelve dollars for each new member they sponsored. These rebates will end on January 1, 2006.

The SSA Executive Committee has drafted a memo being mailed to all SSA Chapters and Business Members during the week of November 1st explaining the new policy.

"As you know, the SSA financial situation has been of great concern to the Board of Directors over the last few years, during which time leadership and management have done there best to run our Society like an effective business. While significant improvements have been made, more needs to be done. Rising costs have made it increasingly difficult to continue to provide all of our current membership services." the memo states.

The memo continues..."The Board regreted not only having to make this difficult decision, but also the financial impact it will have on its many Chapters and Commercial Operators. But please understand that the change in policy will result in yearly savings to the Society of over $26,000.00."

Chapters will still have the option of either renewing the yearly SSA membership of their members as a group, or having each of them do so on their own, individually. Details of these processes can be found in the new SSA Chapter Guide, which is being sent along with the mailing of November 1st to each SSA Chapter.

The memo concludes..."Thank you for understanding that this business decision simply had to be made. The only alternative was to begin cutting membership services; an option the board felt was unacceptable. In fact, the board is committed to improving on and expanding membership services. Your continued support the SSA is greatly appreciated."

Posted: 10/28/2005 By: General News

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