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SSA's Youth Committee Chairman John Campbell reports that The Franz Gross "Cadet" scholarship essay contest has entries due June 30 to

SSA. Applications and a poster are available at

http://www.soarcsa.org/ssa/ssay/cdtapp.pdf and

http://www.soarcsa.org/ssa/ssay/flyer.pdf .

This is an opportunity for non-pilot, non-SSA member kids to get on board. More to the point for FBOs and clubs, it is a tool to go out and recruit some youth promising in other areas of life, to find them off site an get them to come visit a gliderport (soloed glider pilots need not apply, the less soaring experience and connections to existing glider pilots the better the judging). The grant payment goes to the soaring organization that sponsors the application, which must be witnessed by a soaring pilot at a gliderport.

In recent years, only about a dozen applications have been processed nationwide, so the odds for an FBO or Club (and their recommended youth) to score a grant are good. This program started life as Knauff and Grove's "Soaring Pilot" youth flight scholarship program in 1989, and it has been an endowed SSA program since 1993, with 1/2 of the funding from Franz Gross and family.

Information about the SSA Youth Committee's various grants is continuosly displayed at www.ssa.org/society/youthships.asp

Posted: 6/27/2005 By: General News

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