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New Flight Simulator for Sailplanes

Silent Wings AS (www.silentwings.no) announces the initial release of the Silent Wings Simulator, a PC-based flight simulator for sailplanes. This release concludes an 8-year long research and development project conducted by the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. "Our ambition has been to create a soaring simulator with an unprecedented level of aerodynamic and physical realism," says Mr. Thomas Sevaldrud, the main developer of the simulator. "A primary focus has been to achieve fully natural flight dynamics and support for virtually unlimited large and detailed sceneries," he continues. The development of the flight dynamics software has been the responsibility of Mr. Ola Røer Thorsen, working as an engineer and test pilot for Lange Flugzeugbau in Germany. "Our approach to flight dynamics has been to compute the force field acting on the glider from local air flow over the wing profiles and control surfaces," he says. "Comparisons to real-life test flying of Lange's Antares glider have proved correct, even in complex situations like for example side-slip, stall and spin", he continues.

Prior to the release, the Silent Wings Simulator has been through a 4-month beta test period and the response from the beta testers has been overwhelming. “Many of the testers are soaring pilots and their feedback supports our belief in that Silent Wings can bring a new meaning to simulated soaring. In addition to the fun of it, we believe that Silent Wings has a great potential as a tool for realistic trainingâ€, says Sevaldrud.

The Silent Wings Simulator, priced at EUR 69, is available for both Windows and Linux, and is delivered with 4 aircraft and a 100 000 sq. km. scenery around Lake Tahoe in California, USA. A free evaluation version can be downloaded from www.silentwings.no .

Posted: 4/11/2005 By: General News

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