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Big News About the Pawnee As A Tow Plane

In the Federal Register of November 2, 2004, FAA proposes to grant SSA's petition seeking the recognition of glider towing as an approved use for Restricted Category aircraft. This proposal would amend FAA policy, enabling glider towing to be considered a special use under 14 CFR 21.25(b)(7), as an operation specified by the Administrator. (This was posted on the SSA website in November of 2004)

Thanks to the hard work and determination of the government liaison fraction of the Soaring Society of America, headed by Judy Ruprecht and Region Director Stephen Northcraft, the FAA has approved restricted aircraft for use as tow planes. Most people are unaware of the time and effort that the government liaison committee puts into changing, establishing and/or abolishing the laws concerning glider pilots and sailplanes. This very special group of people has to be at the panicle of information concerning laws and statutes regarding this marvelous sport to better serve the members of the SSA and represent their best interests, and without them many things wouldn't be possible.

This will be good news for many clubs who own or wish to purchase Pawnees to use as tow planes. Many clubs or commercial business have had trouble getting their Pawnees registered to use as a tow plane, but now those problems are a thing of the past thanks to our spectacular volunteers. Just another benefit of being a member of the Soaring Society of America is having great people looking out for you.

This is the official release from the FAA.

Federal Aviation Administration
Glider Towing as a Restricted Category
Special Purpose Flight Operation
AGENCY: Federal Aviation
Administration (DOT).

ACTION: Notice of availability of Federal Aviation Administration policy.

SUMMARY: This notice announces glider towing as a restricted category special purpose operation under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) 21.25(B)(7), for aircraft type certificated under 14 CFR 21.25(a)(1).

DATES: This policy is effective upon publication of this notice.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Graham Long, AIR-110, Room 815, Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Certification Service, Aircraft Engineering Division, 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591, telephone (202) 267-3715, FAX: (202) 237-5340, or e-mail: 9-AWA-AIR110-GNL2@faa.gov.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published proposed policy to include the flight operation of glider towing as a restricted category special purpose under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) 21.25(b)(7). The comment period closed October 22, 2004. All comments received by the FAA were in favor of the policy.

Accordingly, the Director of the Aircraft Certification Service specified, on behalf of the Administrator, that glider towing is a restricted category special purpose flight operation, limited to civil-derived restricted category aircraft certificated under 14 CFR 21.25(a)(1). This action is believed to increase the number of glider tow aircraft available to glider clubs throughout the country, by making available to them aircraft that are currently certificated for other uses, such as agricultural spraying.

Dated: Issued in Washington, DC, on
February 8, 2005.

Susan J. M. Cabler,
Acting Manager, Aircraft Engineering
Division, Aircraft Certification Service.
[FR Doc. 05-2800 Filed

Posted: 3/30/2005 By: Government Liaison Committee

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